Organisational Committee


Gabriella Barros

Gabriella Barros is a Ph.D. student in the Tandon School of Engineering of the New York University, under the advisement of Julian Togelius. She is also member of the Game Innovation Lab, and is interested in PCG, specially content procedurally generated from open data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and game design. Gabriella was the proceedings chair for the 2017 IEEE Conference on Computational Intelligence and Games (CIG) and has been involved with conferences like FDG, ICCC and CIG since 2014, as an author, attendee, and/or reviewer.

E-Mail: gabriella.barros AT

Maria Teresa Llano

Maria Teresa Llano is a Researcher in Agent Design, Creative Technologies and Learning Analytics in the Computing Department at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her work has been focused on automating creative aspects of human reasoning processes, in particular, in tasks related to creative concept generation. She has applied this knowledge to different areas, namely formal software modelling, formal verification and fictional ideation in the context of computational creativity. Dr Llano was part of the scientific team that participated in the production of the West End musical `Beyond the fence’, the first musical conceived and substantially crafted by computer systems, shown at the Arts Theater in London.

E-Mail: m.llano AT

Anne Sullivan

Anne Sullivan is an Assistant Professor of Digital Media in the School of Visual Arts & Design at the University of Central Florida. Her work focuses on the use of artificial intelligence and interface design to support narrative and storytelling experiences from underrepresented perspectives in interactive experiences. Dr. Sullivan is the concept designer and producer of Loominary – a game system that uses a tabletop loom as the controller – which has been shown internationally and at the SAAM Arcade exhibit at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

E-Mail: anne.sullivan AT

Programme Committee

Scott Lee, New York University
Jose Font, Malmö University
Lea Albaugh, Carnegie Mellon University
Adam Summerville, University of California, Santa Cruz
Sam Snodgrass, Northeastern University
Cameron Browne, Queensland University of Technology
Sarah Harmon, University of California, Santa Cruz
Antonios Liapis, University of Malta
Matthew Guzdial, Georgia Institute of Technology
Joris Dormans, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Rafael Bidarra Delft University of Technology
Amy K. Hoover, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Samim Winiger,
Emily Short, Freelance
Jo Mazeika, University of California, Santa Cruz
Michael Cook, Goldsmiths College, University of London
Johnathan Pagnutti, University of California, Santa Cruz
Alexander Zook, Georgia Institute of Technology
Allison Parrish, New York University
Mike Preuss, WWU Muenster
Michael Green, New York University
Adam M. Smith, University of California, Santa Cruz
Ahmed Khalifa, New York University
Tanya Short, Kitfox Games
Peter A. Mawhorter, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Isaac Karth, University of California, Santa Cruz
Jim Whitehead, University of California, Santa Cruz
Daniel Karavolos, University of Malta
Lucas N. Ferreira, University of California, Santa Cruz
Johan Holmberg, Malmö University
Edward Melcer, New York University
Steve Dahlskog, Malmö University
Tommy Thompson, Anglia Ruskin University
Georgios N. Yannakakis, University of Malta